The Wolfpack 100

Run, walk or bike 100K in 48 hours.

One weekend (March 19th-20th 2022) and 48 hours to complete a 100K ultra challenge on your own or as a team.

Volunteers with FareShare food donations.

10 hot meals donated

We donate the equivalent of 10 hot meals to those who need it via FareShare UK with every entry. So not only will you be out challenging yourself, you’ll be helping others too.

Runners take on the Wolfpack 100 around the world.

Run where you are

We’ll send you a personalised running number to wear during the challenge and a sealed envelope ready to open upon completion.

Wolfpack 100 runners on the beach.

Run solo or as a team

You can run the whole 100K on your own or split the distance with friends. Run together, in a relay or as a virtual pack anywhere in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is it?

The Wolfpack 100 is on March 19th-20th 2022. Join the pack this weekend for the community experience. Can’t make the date? You can run the Wolfpack 100 whenever you are up for the challenge.

What do I get for entering?

Every runner will get a Wolfpack 100 medal and a personalised running number. We also donate the equivalent of 10 hot meals to FareShare with every donation. Plus you’ll get lots of winter motivation to get training and plenty of virtual encouragement from the awesome Wolfpack community.

When can I start?

The challenge officially starts at midnight. However, you can start at any point in the 48 hour window as long as you finish within the time limit.

Where is the challenge?

You can run this virtual challenge anywhere where it is safe to do so. We encourage you all to go out and have some epic weekend adventures. We will also have some ‘Wolf Dens’ at select locations around the world where you can meet up with the community and run together.

Do I have to complete the challenge in one go?

No, you can breakdown the 100K as you wish within the 48 hour time limit. Take as much rest as you need to complete the challenge.

Is this a timed event?

Yes. for anyone taking on the ultra challenge on their own – but they do not need to. There are strict requirements to follow to be included in the results. Please visit our All-Time results page

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Reviews ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Pretty cool initiative and much fun while running the 100K. The community is awesome!

Alex Behrendt, Germany

For being a virtual event it never once felt like you were alone. There was so much encouragement and support via the WhatsApp group and social media pages it was amazing. I was honoured to be amongst such awesome people.

Stephen Baker, UK

fab event got me out running a 21K in February and also got my kids involved walking 5K. Lots of fun seeing what my friends and the community had run too.

Manjit Birk, UK