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All-time Results

All results have been checked by Wolfpack HQ to ensure they fall within the challenge parameters (a 48 hour window starting at midnight), that time is elapsed (not just moving) and only includes running and walking. Note, if you chose to split up your runs, your time is still shown as one time, just consider these extra long pit stops.

Of course this is a virtual race and no GPS is perfect, plus everyone’s conditions will be different (weather, terrain etc.), so please take these results as a competitive bit of fun and a nice way to compare yourself to others.

How do we submit results once we have finished?

You can be added to our official leaderboard by submitting your results for verification. Please note that if you break your 100K into more than one run/walk your official time is from when you started the challenge to when you finished it, not the combined time of your runs. We will need the following information with your submission.

Name & bib number
Start time: HH:MM:SS (via time of first run screenshot)
Finish time: HH:MM:SS* (via elapsed time of last run screenshot)
Evidence you completed 100K (metric data preferred to miles). This can be via any GPS tracker that provides all the info required, a photo of a completed treadmill run/walk, or any combination of both.
Evidence of any elevation you climbed in metres.
If you ran some or all on a treadmill or with a dog.
Optional: any photos you are OK for us to use on social media.

  • Note for an official finisher time the challenge must be in a 48 hour window that starts at midnight. Although, you don’t need to start running at this point.

Submit the above on one of the following: our Wolfpack 💯 Crew Facebook group or message us via email.

Please remember this is a challenge and not a race, so please be mindful of all the important safety information listed on this page including following COVID-19 restrictions where you live. If you complete any of the challenge on your bike you can not be added to the official leaderboard.

If you do not want to be added to the official leaderboard and have your results verified, that is fine. This is very much a personal challenge. We would still like to know you have completed the challenge, so simply, submit your race or finisher photo on our Wolfpack 💯 Crew Facebook group or via email.

  • ‡ – treadmill only
  • * includes treadmill